How long is your season and what evenings are you open?

Generally, we are open late March to October...showing Double-Features (two new/current movies) on the weekends...and from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend we also show on Sunday evenings. During the summer, we often have special weeknight single-feature showings at special discounts. Since the show starts at Dusk, the actual starting time varies from weekend to weekend.

Be sure to check out this website or our Facebook Page for all of the latest info and updates on our movie schedule, including starting times, coming attractions, and specials!

Quiet, well-behaved pets on leashes are always allowed....please make sure all potty breaks are taken in the outer edges of the facility and please pick-up.

RV's are not permitted....sorry.

Why don't you allow patrons to bring outside food and beverages?

The truth is, like all other movie theaters - both indoor and outdoor, the Goochland Drive-In relies on concession sales to remain in business. The majority of ticket revenue goes directly to the movie studios. However, we believe in fair and affordable prices - so you won't find any item in our Snack Bar priced higher than $ that to any indoor theater. In rare cases, we may offer exceptions to this rule for those with special dietary needs (with prior approval) or babies........and for birthday celebrations, always feel free to bring a birthday cake.

Do you also accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, we also accept VISA or MasterCard with a $5.00 minimum purchase.

Why can't I smoke anywhere, particularly in my own vehicle?

We harbor no ill will to our friends that smoke. We initially allowed smoking without question. However, we were not prepared for the multitude of smoke annoyance complaints from other patrons -- as well as the incredible amount of cigarette butt litter that blanketed the grounds. Being a small business, we had to make a tough decision that would keep the overwhelming majority of our patrons happy and keep the property clean. As a compromise, we have a designated smoking area behind the Snack Bar that has worked out well for everyone.......both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Are you open rain or shine?

It actually depends on the severity of the rainstorm. We'll always announce this on our website and Facebook Fan Page by 5:00pm -- so please check around that time if ever in doubt.

Won't listening to the movie through my vehicle's FM radio drain my battery?

No -- so long as your battery is healthy and you turn your key only to the "Accessory" position -- and just operate your radio, not any lights, fans, etc. -- your vehicle should start up after the movie with no problem. However, should you experience a dead battery, please let our Staff know -- and we'll gladly jumpstart your vehicle immediately at no charge. Remember -- "accessory" key position and operate your radio only.

Does your facility accomodate handicapped patrons?

Absolutely! Being a new drive-in, we have several paved viewing spaces with easy access to both the Snack Bar and our clean, ADA compliant restrooms.

Can I leave after the first movie?

Yes, we have an Intermission between features.

How can I learn more about having a special event at the GDIT?

Simply email us -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be glad to discuss the possibilities regarding your private party, corporate event, church movie night, etc.

First time visiting us?

We encourage you to check out our Policies & Guidelines and FAQ

Awards & News

  • TripAdvisor 2016 Award of Excellence
  • Best Place for an Over-The-Top Hot Dog
  • TripAdvisor 2014 Award of Excellence
  • Richmond Magazine 2013 'Best' Multiple Award Winner
  • Voted Best Movie Theater 2012 by the readers of
  • 2010 Goochland County Business of the Year

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